Slot Machines: The evolution of a great game of chance

Slots are one of the most successful attractions in casinos (both online and physical, and even in other places such as bars). It is one of the most popular games of chance since its invention; and today, thanks to its evolution throughout history, it has hundreds of different varieties since there are tons of types and themes available.

Although slots do not date back as far as other traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Poker, they have positioned themselves as one of the favorite games in the market. In their short existence, they have managed to develop and adapt to the evolution of our society and even to prohibitions and war.

Its origin dates back a little over 150 years ago and, despite the passage of time, remains one of the favorite pastimes of most gamblers, and one of the most used in many parts of the world. In fact, nowadays, slots are one of the most requested games in most online casinos. Players from all over the world usually choose in which site to bet based on which one offers the best real money slots and the greatest variety.

The origin of the slot machine

To understand where the slot machines as we know them today come from, we first have to take into account the prototype that originated the idea.

In New York, in the early 1890s, a machine found in bars began to become popular. It was a gambling machine that consisted of a lever and five reels that showed drawings of Poker cards. Each reel had ten cards, and based on the combination that people obtained by pulling the lever (for a cost of approximately 5 cents), they could win a prize. The prizes consisted of free drinks or cigarettes, according to what each bar or establishment thought appropriate. The idea was to attract more customers.

The creators of this first prototype were Sittman and Pitt; and although it was an extremely simple machine, it gained immense popularity. The machine at that time was manual. It was not activated by placing the coin inside, but the money to play was given to the owner or employee of the bar. The prizes that the machine awarded were not given automatically either, since as we mentioned, it was a manual machine.

It is worth mentioning that by the 1880s, there were already machines for betting, but the difference was that in order to use them, a special ticket, a token or some other external mechanism was needed, which were used both to place the bet and to receive payment. There were no machines, up to that time, that received money directly, let alone one to which a coin could be inserted.

The first slot machine

A German mechanic named Charles Augustus Fey built in 1895 the first machine that paid the prize with coins. To do so, he based it invention on a machine that had already been built by Schultze. Fey continued building these devices in his workshop until 1898, when he designed the machine called “Liberty Bell”, which is considered the first slot machine in history. This machine was automatic and had a small slot in which coins were deposited to play, just like the ones with which we are familiar.

The “Liberty Bell” machine was not only different because of the above mentioned, but also because it had 3 reels instead of 5, and its drawings were different since they were not Poker cards. Fey introduced 5 different drawings, typical of the classic slot machines: hearts, diamonds, spades, a lucky horseshoe and the bell, symbol of the freedom of the United States. In this way, the machines were simpler and more fun.

Slot Machine Evolution

Thanks to the evolution of technology and since the creation of the first online casinos, the development of slots has not stopped growing. They have grown so much that they have come to occupy the first positions among the most requested games in casinos.

At the beginning of the digitalization of games, slots were very similar to traditional physical slot machines, but with time and technological advances, the panorama changed completely. Today, there are slots with innovative designs and themes; the games are modern with the latest technology that enables a unique gaming experience, incorporating high quality graphics and sound. And that’s not all… before there was only one way to win in slots, now the possibilities are multiplied with different paylines. In addition, today’s internet connection allows players to play from any device from the comfort of their home, without having to go to a physical casino.
The number of styles and varieties of slot machines that are being developed today are endless. Online casinos and game developers compete every day to see who offers the best real money slots on the market. In addition, slots have been the provider of immense cash prizes. There have been players who have won millionaire jackpots gambling at these machines.

In conclusion, slots are a great source of entertainment, whether they are played online or in a casino, because they are extremely fun and have options for all tastes and interests.

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