What is poker?

Poker is a card game in which a fixed number cards are distributed to the players and five cards are kept on the table and disclosed in a pattern such that the first three cards are disclosed together at once and the other two are disclosed individually respectively There are three types of turn a player can play that is check, fold and raise. All the players have to play the same turn then only the card on the table is disclosed. When a player folds it means that he is out of that particular round and he may join from the next round. It is a Casino online game.

The cards in hand are combined with cards displayed onboard and the hands of all the players are compared with all the players and the player with the best hand wins that particular round. A round completes when all the cards on board have been disclosed and it’s the showdown time.

Types of hands-

The combinations are ranked from low to high respectively:-

  • High card- In this, the player with the highest card is the winner. If the highest card is on the board then the highest card excluding that particular card is declared as the winner.
  • One pair- In this the player having the pair of the highest-ranking card among all the players is declared the winner of that particular round.
  • Two pair- In this the player having a pair of any two cards is the winner. In case two players have pair then the player with higher-ranking pair is the winner and all the winnings go to him.
  • Three of a kind – In this, the player with three similar cards of a single type being highest ranked among all the players having three of a kind is declared the winner.
  • Straight- In this the player with a series of five sequential ranked cards may not be of the same suit is declared the winner
  • Flush- In this the player whose hand contains five cards of the same suit may not be in the sequence is the declared as the winner
  • Full house- In this the player who has two cards of one rank and three cards of other ranks may not be of the same suit is declared as the winner.
  • Four of a kind- In this, the player with the highest-ranked four similar cards among all the players is declared as the winner.
  • Straight flush- When a player has cards with are both straight and flush as told he is the winner.

Things to keep in mind while playing-

  • The player should stay focused and keep in mind the reaction of all the players to judge their cards.
  • Poker is not always played based on cards; one should be able to hide emotions to use skills like bluffing so that everyone folds.


Casino online is more like a skill game in which one has to use his mind a lot.


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